November Health News

Have you picked up the new November issue of Zoomer magazine? There’s something for everyone here, from a report on diabetes breakthroughs (“True Blood”) to research on impaired driving (“Car Caution”), from the medicinal uses of honey (“The Bee’s Knees”) to identifying Alzheimer’s (“Memory Loss: Earlier Detection”). If you haven’t grabbed this issue, the time is now!

What a Pain!

If you have chronic pain, you know that relief usually isn’t just a matter of popping an aspirin or two. It’s complicated. But my new article in Canadian Living magazine, “Hurting All Over,” offers a few expert ideas for easing your agony. Solutions to pain are incredibly individual, so it’s always worth trying – and trying again! You’ll find these tips in the November issue.

Want to keep the sniffles and sneezes at bay this winter? There are several strategies you and your kids can put into place to keep from catching nasty cold and flu germs. Read my new article “8 Healthy Habits To Keep Kids From Getting Sick,” posted this month on the Readers Digest website.

On a side note, I’m very pleased that my travel essay, “Falling,” was shortlisted in the creative non-fiction category of Room Magazine’s 2014 Annual Writing Contest. It’s an honour to be recognized. Congratulations to the top prize winners of this distinguished competition!

I’m proud to be included in the upcoming anthology Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet,  published by Rocky Mountain Books and available in stores at the end of this month. Global Chorus is a collection of 365 brief essays on our environmental future, one for every day of the year. (My own perspective appears on October 28, right next to October 29’s Stephen Hawking!) Other contributors include Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Mikhail Gorbachev, Justin Trudeau, Desmond Tutu, David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Rick Hansen, Farley Mowat, Temple Grandin and the Dalai Lama. Another good reason to buy the book: All contributors donated their work and time, and proceeds will benefit environmental and humanitarian charities.

Whether you’re stressed by your work or your teenagers, I’ve got solutions for you. If it’s work that’s got you frazzled, my article “How to Beat Stress…Through What You Eat” has diet tips to help you cope, instead of compounding the problem. That’s in the new October issue of Zoomer magazine.

On the other hand, if it’s your teenage kids who’ve got you pulling your hair out, my article “Indoor Voices, Please” will give you great alternatives to yelling at your teens (along with compelling evidence to show why hollering is unhealthy). Look for that in the October edition of ParentsCanada magazine.

I’ve Got Eyes For You

Have you seen the September edition of Zoomer magazine? A special feature on eye health includes my article, “Anti-Cataracts,” outlining steps you can take to put off these age-related eye changes. Plus my story “Vision Quest” describes an exciting new piece of headgear that can allow some legally blind people to read the newspaper, or see out the window. Fifty-five-year-old Hugh Montgomery, who uses the device, will never forget how it felt to see his daughter’s face… across the room.

Got teens? As they gear up for the new school year, they’re likely looking forward to new milestones and increasing independence. But what if your kid isn’t keen on taking on more responsibilities, and instead seems to prefer the safety and security of childhood? What if your son or daughter simply won’t grow up? In the August/September issue of ParentsCanada magazine, I explain reasons why a few teens hold fast to their younger years, and how parents can encourage them to prep for adulthood. Don’t miss it!


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