Green and Great

Earth Day is coming up this month, and to help you celebrate, I’ve handed out “green awards” in the new April issue of OWL magazine! Check out the world’s greenest people, places and things, from a pee-powered electricity generator to computer accessories made of cork and cardboard! Not only is it a fun read, it may inspire you to get even greener!

Thanks, everyone! You (or readers like you) have voted 50 Good Deeds into second place in the 2013 Canadian Blog Awards’ Best Health Blog category. These informal awards, curated by a Toronto business lawyer who presumably reads a lot of blogs between court cases, have been around since 2007. Winners this year are blogging about politics, family, science, sports, travel, pop culture, and more. Click here for a full list of results.

There are very few signs of spring to celebrate right now, but one might be the beautiful new April issue of Zoomer magazine. Flip to page 32 to read a couple of short pieces I’ve written about the joy of hot peppers, and sex after joint surgery. On page 40, you’ll find my story about the bright side of guilty indulgences – did you know that chocolate helps your memory, and coffee cheers you up? (When a dear friend in her late 70s read this article, she called me up: “I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to start smoking pot now for my diabetes!”) Oh, and you can enjoy my little head shot and bio on this issue’s Contributors page (p. 8).

Living It Up

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a gadzillion-dollar house? Check out my real estate story on luxury living in the new March issue of Zoomer magazine, now on newsstands. Turns out these high-end homeowners aren’t so different from the rest of us; they know that a having a gathering place for friends and family is more important than an indoor theatre or spa bathroom (although those are nice, too). I guess home is where the heart is, after all.

Roses are Red…

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. If you’re a parent, you might be looking for some tips for celebrating this special occasion with your child – without getting them hopped up on sugar or buried in more teddy bears. My practical-minded but fun Valentine’s Day poem in the February issue of Reader’s Digest will give you a few takeaway ideas!

Should ancient competitive games be kept in the Olympics, or should they make way for newfangled sports? That’s the question I explore in my article “Out with the Old?”, in the new January/February edition of OWL magazine. Although wrestling has been in the Olympics since forever, it was recently booted out of the 2020 summer games. So what’s more important, hanging onto tradition or attracting a younger audience? Maybe both – after all, once the international wrestling federation updated a few rules, the sport was voted back in. (Better luck next time, wakeboarding and wushu.)

Hug Your Dog

It’s not the new year yet, but the January edition of Reader’s Digest has been released. So when you’re out doing your holiday shopping, be sure to grab a copy of this magazine on your way through the checkout. My short article, “The Adoption Option: The Pros and Cons of Getting a Rescue Dog,” outlines a few reasons why rescue dogs make great pets. I speak from experience: Our family adopted an adult dog this year, and we haven’t looked back. (Naturally, it helps that she’s the world’s sweetest pup.) Happy New Year!


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