A Protein Primer

When it comes to food trends, protein appears to be the New Big Thing. But you may be wondering how much is enough, and about the right way (protein powder? chick pea salad? grilled T-bone steak?) to get it. Get all the answers by reading my latest article, “How to Pick the Best High Protein Foods for You,” on the Canadian Living website. You can find it here.

Get Calorie Wise

Calorie counting is as old as the hills. So why are so many of us having trouble achieving, uh, a flatter terrain? Is tracking calories really the most effective – and only – way to lose weight and stay healthy? Today’s diets are downplaying calories, and there may be good reasons why. Check out my story, “Calorie Wise,” in the summer issue of Glow magazine. Find out what the latest science is saying about how our bodies deal with calories differently, why all calories aren’t created equal, and how you can use this information to get healthy.

One Ringy Dingy…

It’s not a decision our parents ever grappled with, but it’s on the minds of many moms and dads today: Should my pre-teen have a cell phone? There are both pros and cons, so naturally it’s a hot topic for debate. My daughter had her first phone at age 11. In the current June/July issue of ParentsCanada magazine, I write about the pros while my esteemed colleague explores the cons. You can read both arguments in “Calling the Shots: Should You Get Your Tween a Cell Phone?”

Award Season

It’s not an Oscar, but I think it’s just as good! I’m honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Professional Writers Association of Canada’s Short Articles Writing Award. My article, “Daddy’s Got the Blues,” appeared in the June 2013 issue of Today’s Parent magazine. Check out the full list of awards here, and find out who else you should be reading right now!

What’s a delicious way to extend your life? Choose foods that have been linked to longevity! Read up on my top-nine tasty favourites (including olive oil, legumes and dark chocolate) in the current June issue of Zoomer magazine. Plus, you’ll find out what’s on the menu for some of the world’s longest-lived citizens. And then flip to page 36 for my write-up about a tenth special superfood: tomatoes. That’s all in the new Zoomer!

Imagine never losing your ID, because it’s always carried as a part of you! In the May issue of OWL magazine, my feature article exploring “The Secret World of Biometrics” shares the various and awesome ways our bodies can prove our identities. Forget fingerprints… we’ve got individual faceprints and voiceprints, not to mention tongue, eye and brainwave prints! Scientists have even created a device that can detect your unique scent, long after you’ve left the building.

Buffaloberry is the new blueberry… or something like that. And have you heard of Saskatoon berry, or blue honeysuckle? How about sea buckthorn? These new superfruits are gaining popularity for a reason. Read my story about why these berries can boost your health. You’ll find it in the May issue of Zoomer magazine!


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