Can You Dig It?

A new year, a new look ahead! In upcoming weeks I’ll be busy writing for a mix of magazine and corporate clients on a variety of projects. It’s also award deadline season, which means we freelance writers are all thinking about which of our 2016 articles, if any, to put forward for consideration. In the meantime, are you (or your kids) interested in an in-depth look at the ways modern technology can help us uncover our ancient past? My youth-friendly feature, “Can You Dig It? High-Tech Archaeology,” has just been published in the January/February 2017 of OWL magazine.

My latest health feature for Reader’s Digest appears in the magazine’s December issue. In this article, “The Invisible Epidemic,” I take a look at headache disorders – surprisingly common, sometimes severe, and drastically undertreated. If you’re plagued by frequent migraines or other kinds of headaches, find out how small changes in your day-to-day life may lead to a big reduction in head pain.

Also on newsstands is the November/December issue of Parents Canada magazine, in which I share my opinion for the magazine’s “Touchy Subject” column (yet again, as this is my third time writing for this page!). The question I address here is: “When someone else’s kids are acting up, do you step in to discipline?” Get my answer here.

The November issue of Zoomer magazine has something for everyone. For the ladies: a story I wrote that examines “10 Ways to Ease Hot Flashes,” from supplements to soy, with the truth on what works – and what doesn’t. And for the men: “Berry Good News for Erectile Dysfunction” shares a bit of promising science about possible links between fruit and, er, function.

The Power of the Pen

I’m proud to be a contributor in the latest edition of Scholastic Canada’s “Take Action” publication series. These books can inspire young students to change the world. This is the third piece I’ve written for the series, and it focuses on letter-writing campaigns that get results. I shared four awesome things that happened because young people wrote letters of support.

Did you happen to catch the October issue of Zoomer magazine? That issue contained two of my latest features. “Solving the Puzzle” examined the current state of retirement homes: how to choose them and how to pay for them (and how long to wait for them), as well as the most creative and attractive amenities you might find in them. “Move Out of the City” focused on tips for moving to a less urban, more relaxed  and decidedly less stressful environment. What should you know before you go, and how do you make sure your small-town home will meet your needs now, but also 20 years from now?

How much do you know about the neurological condition known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? People with ADHD are often stigmatized, thanks to a lack of general awareness and understanding. Yet there are special abilities and talents linked to this brain condition. In fact, ADHD can be a true gift. This month, I invite you to meet three accomplished Canadians who will tell you how their ADHD has been a positive force in their lives. Read more in my feature story, “I Never Felt Like I Belonged,” in the October issue of Reader’s Digest.

It’s a Blast

I loved working on a feature story about supervolcanoes for OWL, Canada’s science magazine for kids. Even grown-ups can appreciate the colossal magnitude of these natural formations and their land-altering eruptions! “What a Blast” appears in the September issue of OWL.

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