Do you post photos of your kids on social media? Is it a brilliant way to keep in touch, or an extraordinarily bad idea? In the newest edition of Parents Canada magazine, I share my opinion about why I’m all for Facebooking your baby’s photos – as long as it’s done with thought and care. Read both sides of the issue here.

And if all that debate is making you hungry, head over to the Best Health website for my recent article on cooking oils. Which ones are healthiest, which ones are hyped, and how can you get the most out of the oils you’re using in the kitchen? You’re sure to learn something new here.

Worried you may be holding onto a little too much stuff? Has the word “hoarder” crossed your mind? Help yourself to the May issue of Zoomer magazine. My story, “Let It Go,” has tips for getting rid of what you don’t need – and warning signs that you might need extra help with your extra stuff.

Plus in the Spring issue of U of T Magazine, I share fascinating new research about what might be causing many cases of dementia, and how it can even be prevented.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has been ordering copies of my new book, Magic Moments: Twelve Little Stories About Disability, Family and Fairly Normal Life. I also want to issue a special shout-out to the reader who posted the book’s first online review! You can read this customer’s lovely five-star review here.

I’m delighted to announce the release of my first self-published book. Magic Moments: Twelve Little Stories About Disability, Family and Fairly Normal Life is freshly available in paperback or on Kindle! Magic Moments is a collection of personal essays about disability and parenting that have appeared in various magazines and newspapers over the years. (You’ll also find two bonus stories that have never been published.) Come share this journey, from major milestones to fleeting, yet magical, moments. I write about facing down judgy parents, fielding absurd wheelchair remarks, surviving home renovations, embarking on family road trips, even battling parking spaces during holiday shopping season. Hopefully, you’ll laugh a bit. (Possibly, you’ll cry a bit.) Whether or not you’re married to – and co-parenting with – someone with a disability, like I am, you will recognize universal themes about the joys and challenges of family life!

The Goods on Green

April may bring spring showers, but it also brings Earth Day. In the current issue of OWL magazine, I showcase some innovative science and technology breakthroughs that don’t break the planet. How about a soccer-ball battery that gets a charge when you kick it, or a bus that can run on human waste? This feature story is called “Green Science Powering the Planet.”

Speaking of green, check out the March/April issue of Canadian Grocer magazine for my story about the goodness of grass-fed meat and dairy products. And in the April issue of Zoomer magazine (this has nothing to do with green), you can read about some unexpected side benefits to taking your cholesterol medication (hint: the brief article is called “Cholesterol – Sexy?”, so, uh, you figure it out!)

Food for Thought

I hope you picked up a copy of the March issue of Zoomer magazine! If you did, you saw my feature story about functional foods – products that have been fortified with added vitamins, minerals, fibre, probiotics, antioxidants and you-name-it. How badly do we need these foods with benefits, and can we trust the marketers that push them? Also included in this issue: a short bit (“Booty News”) about upcoming, less invasive alternatives to colonoscopy. Now it’s a good day.

And on March 28, a.k.a. the date of worldwide Earth Hour, I wrote about the history of this annual event in a special section of The Toronto Star. Did you put your lights out?

I’ve started writing for Canadian Grocer, a national grocery magazine. In the February issue, I interviewed dietitians to collect the most common questions their clients have about free-from foods (should I buy sugar-free yogurt or fat-free yogurt? Is a product healthier if it’s gluten-free?). My feature, “Free-From for All,” shares their answers.

And in the new March issue of Reader’s Digest, my brief piece “Carbon Pawprint Problems” offers a few helpful tips for pet owners who want to go green. Pick it up before it’s gone!

Skin and Snapshots

It’s March, yet outside it looks convincingly like the dead of winter. So perhaps it’s appropriate to talk about stories that appeared several weeks ago. My article on psoriasis (“Itchy, Flaky Skin”) shared the latest, greatest developments in treating this chronic autoimmune disease. It was published in the November/December issue of Best Health magazine. And my story “Capture the Moment: Top Tips for Fab Pics” offered tips for taking photos of your precious newborn. That was published on January 17, in a special baby-themed section of The Toronto Star. All caught up now – bring on spring!


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