Parents with Abilities

It was a privilege recently to interview and write about four parents across Canada who have disabilities. These moms (and one dad!) generously opened up about their beautiful families, and how they manage in their day-to-day lives. All four of these parents demonstrated that their disabilities don’t hold them back when it comes to raising kids. In fact, their disabilities can often lead to experiences that deepen and enhance their family connections! You can find this feature in the new January issue of Today’s Parent magazine.

’Tis the season to pick up the December/January issue of Zoomer magazine, and feel inspired by a glimpse of what the near future will hold for medical treatments (“Making Medicine Better,” page 16). On the same page, I share news about a giant step forward in treating brain disorders (“Breaking through Barriers”). Worried about recent warnings about processed meat and cancer risk? Flip to page 32 of this issue to get the full story.

If you’re planning to host a lot of holiday guests this month, then you’ll surely want a quick guide for handling the most obnoxious of them, won’t you? Check out my article covering the “6 Most Annoying Holidays Guests,” now available on the Canadian Living website.

Congratulations to Toronto writer Sheryl Gordon on her just-launched book, A Rewording Life: Finding Meaning in the Word. This has been a labour of love for Gordon, who organized more than 1,000 Canadian writers – yours truly being one of them – to write offbeat sentences using obscure words. (My word was “abstemious.”) The book spreads awareness of dementia and raises money for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Other contributors to this collection include Colin Mochrie, Jane Urquhart, Terry Fallis, Miriam Toews…. and lots of my dear friends and colleagues. A Rewording Life is now available at Amazon.

In the November issue of Zoomer magazine, my article “Dysfunction Junction” shares what’s new in the world of erectile dysfunction drugs. This condition affects half of all men over 40 and there are several treatment options available, so how do you pick your perk-me-up? This story will guide you! In a sidebar, I reported on the new drug for women, Flibanserin – is it really a “female Viagra,” or is it just a lot of fuss?

I also contributed to the November issue of Glow magazine, where you’ll find a few eye-opening statistics on diet, exercise, sexual health and cancer. You might be surprised! That’s in “Health by the Numbers.”

What makes good reading for people over 45? How about 45 different ways to find your purpose in life? My four-page feature in this month’s Zoomer magazine offers up exactly that. Research suggests a life purpose is linked to all kinds of good things, like a longer life, lower risk of disease, better sex life… now, go out and get yours! This story will inspire you with ideas.

Winter’s coming; I think I’ll stay indoors and pick plums. I found it inspiring to work on a how-to piece about growing your own tropical fruit inside your home. It’s easier than you might think. And who wouldn’t want fresh, tree-ripened, organic produce in the middle of the cold season… especially if the attractive plant also adds to your living room décor? My article, “Juicy Little Secret,” appeared in the September 23 issue of The Globe and Mail. An online version of the story is here.

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got calendars. It’s back-to-school season, and with it comes an array of new extracurricular activities. But how do you know what’s best, and how do you avoid overscheduling your kids? What should you pick? If you ask me, you should pick the September issue of Alive magazine and read my article, “Balancing Kids’ Extracurricular Activities,” for expert advice.

And if you’re finding it hard to read all those notes the school is sending home, don’t miss my story “Now Read This” in the September issue of Zoomer magazine. Learn about some of the cool new options for correcting reading vision. They’re a lot hipper than holding printed material at arm’s length!


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