Food for Thought

I hope you picked up a copy of the March issue of Zoomer magazine! If you did, you saw my feature story about functional foods – products that have been fortified with added vitamins, minerals, fibre, probiotics, antioxidants and you-name-it. How badly do we need these foods with benefits, and can we trust the marketers that push them? Also included in this issue: a short bit (“Booty News”) about upcoming, less invasive alternatives to colonoscopy. Now it’s a good day.

And on March 28, a.k.a. the date of worldwide Earth Hour, I wrote about the history of this annual event in a special section of The Toronto Star. Did you put your lights out?

I’ve started writing for Canadian Grocer, a national grocery magazine. In the February issue, I interviewed dietitians to collect the most common questions their clients have about free-from foods (should I buy sugar-free yogurt or fat-free yogurt? Is a product healthier if it’s gluten-free?). My feature, “Free-From for All,” shares their answers.

And in the new March issue of Reader’s Digest, my brief piece “Carbon Pawprint Problems” offers a few helpful tips for pet owners who want to go green. Pick it up before it’s gone!

Skin and Snapshots

It’s March, yet outside it looks convincingly like the dead of winter. So perhaps it’s appropriate to talk about stories that appeared several weeks ago. My article on psoriasis (“Itchy, Flaky Skin”) shared the latest, greatest developments in treating this chronic autoimmune disease. It was published in the November/December issue of Best Health magazine. And my story “Capture the Moment: Top Tips for Fab Pics” offered tips for taking photos of your precious newborn. That was published on January 17, in a special baby-themed section of The Toronto Star. All caught up now – bring on spring!

Bedtime Reading

If your pillow talk is usually something like, “Where’s all this hair coming from?”, then you’ll want to read my new article about female hair loss. The story, “Vanishing Act,” appears in the January/February issue of Best Health magazine. I talk about common causes of hair loss in women, along with treatment options. (You can read an online version here.)

Speaking of pillow talk – the fun kind, this time – you might also be interested in my story about sexual fantasies for Toronto’s NOW magazine. Thanks to a recent University of Montreal survey, we can say with confidence that those daydreams we think are weird… are actually weirdly common. Check it out here.

Feeling Hormonal?

For women, hormones come up in conversation all the time, whether we’re premenopausal or reeling from hot flashes. But how much do we really understand about the interactions between our hormones, bodily systems, daily habits and life experiences? You’d be amazed at what scientists are learning – and what we can do about it. Grab the Winter 2015 issue of Glow magazine while it’s still available, and turn to “Hormone Therapy” to find out how hormones affect us at every age and stage.

There’s a lot to fascinate you in the December/January issue of Zoomer magazine! My “Get Happy!” feature starting on page 44 explores the role of ginkgo biloba in brain health. Then I share incredible new research on the links between our moods and the microbes in our bellies. Finally, I explore the importance of positive thinking in weight management and healthy eating.

Also in this issue of Zoomer, read some tips for saving home heating costs without turning your thermostat way, way down. And what superfoods are celebrities snacking on these days? Can their fad food choices truly transform our health, or is it all just hype? Read all about it on page 65!

I was delighted to be a part of Craig and Marc Kielburger’s “Brain Storm” column for The Globe and Mail. The co-founders of Me to We and Free the Children canvassed a few kindness experts – including me – about injecting more common courtesies into our day-to-day routines. They asked readers to weigh in, and the results were published in the newspaper’s January 2 edition. It was inspiring to read these ideas!

If you’re looking at ways to stay (or get) healthy in 2015, you might find a few pearls of wisdom in my latest stories on the Best Health website. In “8 Ways to Feel Full Faster,” you’ll read strategies for eating fewer calories – without feeling deprived of food. And in “10 Tips to Help You Recover from a Cold, Faster,” you’ll find a few tips for speeding up the course of a miserable cold (and preventing the next one).


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