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One of the many rewards of freelance writing is an opportunity to educate the next generation. My quiz in the May 2016 issue of OWL magazine, “Finding Inspiration,” focuses on biomimicry – clever inventions that copy nature. Examples include an invisibility patch for soldiers, inspired by the camouflaging abilities of the jumbo squid, and a self-cooling high-rise building, inspired by termite mounds! I’ve also contributed to a new Scholastic Canada book about consumerism that’s aimed at students. My piece discusses the lives of child garment workers. The book, called The Best Buy, is part of a Scholastic Canada series on social justice issues.


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A Rewording Life Comes to Life

Congratulations to Toronto writer Sheryl Gordon on her just-launched book, A Rewording Life: Finding Meaning in the Word. This has been a labour of love for Gordon, who organized more than 1,000 Canadian writers – yours truly being one of them – to write offbeat sentences using obscure words. (My word was “abstemious.”) The book spreads awareness of dementia and raises money for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Other contributors to this collection include Colin Mochrie, Jane Urquhart, Terry Fallis, Miriam Toews…. and lots of my dear friends and colleagues. A Rewording Life is now available at Amazon.

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Worried you may be holding onto a little too much stuff? Has the word “hoarder” crossed your mind? Help yourself to the May issue of Zoomer magazine. My story, “Let It Go,” has tips for getting rid of what you don’t need – and warning signs that you might need extra help with your extra stuff.

Plus in the Spring issue of U of T Magazine, I share fascinating new research about what might be causing many cases of dementia, and how it can even be prevented.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has been ordering copies of my new book, Magic Moments: Twelve Little Stories About Disability, Family and Fairly Normal Life. I also want to issue a special shout-out to the reader who posted the book’s first online review! You can read this customer’s lovely five-star review here.

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I’m delighted to announce the release of my first self-published book. Magic Moments: Twelve Little Stories About Disability, Family and Fairly Normal Life is freshly available in paperback or on Kindle! Magic Moments is a collection of personal essays about disability and parenting that have appeared in various magazines and newspapers over the years. (You’ll also find two bonus stories that have never been published.) Come share this journey, from major milestones to fleeting, yet magical, moments. I write about facing down judgy parents, fielding absurd wheelchair remarks, surviving home renovations, embarking on family road trips, even battling parking spaces during holiday shopping season. Hopefully, you’ll laugh a bit. (Possibly, you’ll cry a bit.) Whether or not you’re married to – and co-parenting with – someone with a disability, like I am, you will recognize universal themes about the joys and challenges of family life!

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If you’ve ever wondered how ski hills are built and who designs them, what the recipe is for artificial snow and how long it would take to ski down the world’s longest run, then you’ll want to get your hands on the newest issue of OWL magazine! I answer all your burning questions in “High Tech on the Hills.” It all starts on page 10 of OWL’s December issue.

I’m also proud to announce that the new anthology, Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet (Rocky Mountain Books), is now in its second printing! The first print run sold out in two weeks. More copies are expected to be available in early January. Editor Todd MacLean is now crowdfunding to make a documentary about the project. Global Chorus is a collection of brief essays on our planet’s environmental future – I’m honoured to be involved in 1/365 of this beautiful book!

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Upcoming Anthology Release!

I’m proud to be included in the upcoming anthology Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet,  published by Rocky Mountain Books and available in stores at the end of this month. Global Chorus is a collection of 365 brief essays on our environmental future, one for every day of the year. (My own perspective appears on October 28, right next to October 29’s Stephen Hawking!) Other contributors include Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Mikhail Gorbachev, Justin Trudeau, Desmond Tutu, David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Rick Hansen, Farley Mowat, Temple Grandin and the Dalai Lama. Another good reason to buy the book: All contributors donated their work and time, and proceeds will benefit environmental and humanitarian charities.

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If you’ve been looking to buy my first book, After Disability: A Guide to Getting on with Life, you may have had trouble locating a new copy. The book is no longer in print, and the price for a secondhand copy is a bit ridiculous. But you can now buy it new again through Amazon.ca. I’ve set myself up as an Amazon seller, and I have new copies in stock at the original price. (If you want to find out more about After Disability, click here for a full description and reviews on my website.)

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