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I was delighted to be a part of Craig and Marc Kielburger’s “Brain Storm” column for The Globe and Mail. The co-founders of Me to We and Free the Children canvassed a few kindness experts – including me – about injecting more common courtesies into our day-to-day routines. They asked readers to weigh in, and the results were published in the newspaper’s January 2 edition. It was inspiring to read these ideas!

If you’re looking at ways to stay (or get) healthy in 2015, you might find a few pearls of wisdom in my latest stories on the Best Health website. In “8 Ways to Feel Full Faster,” you’ll read strategies for eating fewer calories – without feeling deprived of food. And in “10 Tips to Help You Recover from a Cold, Faster,” you’ll find a few tips for speeding up the course of a miserable cold (and preventing the next one).

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If you weren’t too preoccupied with turkey and pumpkin pie yesterday, you might have caught my Thanksgiving-themed interview on CBC Radio’s “Here and Now Toronto.” I talked with host Gill Deacon about acts of kindness, how they help us and why the human species is driven to do them. If you missed it, you can listen in at this link.

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In the News

I had an interesting chat last week with Globe and Mail writer Tralee Pearce, who was researching a story on pop parenting. If you’re a mom or dad and you don’t live in a cave, you know all about the parenting-advice industry in North America: the books, the webinars, the workshops, the movements. Is all this stuff actually helpful and spot-on, or is it mainly designed to pluck dollars from our wallets? You can read what I had to say here, along with savvy insights from Tralee herself, plus a few experts.

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Author, Author!

Ever thought of writing a non-fiction book? Wondering whether it can make you rich and famous – or, at the very least, earn you some pin money and a few seconds in the spotlight? This week I’m a guest blogger on NetWords, a blog and events hub hosted by the Toronto chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada. My post, “Should you become a non-fiction book author?”, explores this brave new world.

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In Toronto where I live, we’re not really convinced yet that it’s winter. But I’m not complaining. I’d just as soon read about winter storms than experience them – and that’s what you can do, too, in this month’s OWL magazine. My story about the science of severe winter weather appears on page 14.

This month I also make an appearance in Jowita Bydlowska’s very interesting article about the perks and downsides of working from home. Jowita did a great job of collecting a range of advice and opinions from other writers – you can read it all here.

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I enjoyed appearing as a guest on CTV’s Canada AM this past Monday, where I discussed my Reader’s Digest article about good deeds. Later that same morning, I was interviewed by CBC Radio on the topic. The interview will be broadcast by various regional CBC stations over the next few days, so if you’re tuning in, there’s a chance you may catch it in your community.

And as we celebrate the official beginning of winter, you can check out my latest online article about colds and flu. Got an interest in science? Here are five of the newest and most fascinating discoveries about the common cold, posted on Best Health magazine’s website.

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As school winds to a close for 2010, do you find yourself wondering whether to recognize your child’s teacher with a fancy gift, a plate of cookies, a thoughtful note or a goat for an impoverished family in Africa? My article in the December issue of OWL magazine, “Present Tense,” addresses the hot topic of holiday gift-giving in the classroom.

Also current is my story on incontinence in the new issue of Best Health magazine, “Under Pressure.” If you’re leaking when you laugh or dashing to the loo every chance you get, there are a lot more solutions than you may realize – and they don’t all involve surgery. It’s on newsstands until January, so grab a copy while you can.

Lastly, I’ll be appearing on CTV’s Canada AM on Monday, December 20, shortly after 8:00 a.m., to talk about my new Reader’s Digest article on the science behind doing good deeds. I love chatting about this topic. See you in TV land!

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Regular readers to this news feed know that I often write about acts of kindness, and about my campaign to do 50 good deeds in 50 days. My essays about this personal project appeared in Reader’s Digest and Canadian Living. Now I’ve just launched a new blog to celebrate good deeds and to share news, information and research about the impact of kindnesses and how we can make the planet a better place. I invite you to visit – and subscribe! Please check it out at http://50gooddeeds.wordpress.com.

In other news, I’ll be making a live appearance on CityTV’s “Breakfast Television” morning show in Toronto this Friday, August 13. Some time between 7 and 9 a.m., I’ll be talking about out-of-date doctors, as featured in my newest Reader’s Digest article (August issue).

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Attention new parents: Planning your first trip without the kids? Even though it was nine years ago, I still clearly remember leaving our daughter behind for the first time and flying to the far edge of the continent. It’s one of those milestones that probably stay with you forever. If this event is looming in your own family, you’ll find some helpful tips in my article “Trip for Two,” featured in the new April issue of Today’s Parent magazine.

Also, if you missed yesterday’s episode of CityLine on CityTV, in which I talked about inclusion of children with disabilities in a brief segment, you can now catch it online. I’m always pleased to see these topics discussed on mainstream programs, and I thought it was handled well by the producers and host Tracy Moore.

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It’s Me on TV…

This week I was interviewed for an upcoming episode of CityTV’s television program “CityLine.” I’ll be on the March 10 show, with a focus on inclusion of kids with disabilities. Be sure to tune in, and congrats to the producers for highlighting this important topic!

Speaking of television, if you missed my appearance on TVOntario’s program “Saturday Night at the Movies” last season, you can now catch it online. I discussed the portrayal of disability in film on two different episodes: “Art and ‘Madness’” was originally aired with the movies Shine and Vincent and Theo, and “The Sound of Silence” accompanied two movies about deafness, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Beyond Silence.

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