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Psoriasis doesn’t always affect only skin; it can also cause inflammation in your joints. In a brief bit in Reader’s Digest’s March issue, I tell readers how psoriatic arthritis can be treated to slow down the joint damage. I’ve also written a new article for the Canadian Journal of Medical Laboratory Science. This one explores a versatile and expanding profession: combined laboratory and x-ray technologist. Training as a CLXT can mean you have more options when it comes to finding your place in the healthcare field.

Last but not least, you may be interested in my most recent blog post on my 50 Good Deeds website. In this post, I explore the motives of the many different people I’ve interviewed for magazine articles over the years. Their willingness to put their often very personal stories in print is almost always driven by great generosity of spirit. They know that by sharing their story, they may well be helping others who walk the same path. Inspiring! Check it out here.


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Want to straighten your crooked teeth, but less than keen on flashing a mouthful of metal to the world? These days there’s more to braces than traditional train tracks. Check out the new March/April 2016 of Best Health magazine for “Brace Yourself,” my article on orthodontic treatment options for adults.

If you haven’t stopped by my 50 Good Deeds blog in a while, perhaps it’s worth a visit. Recent posts cover a cheeky character who shaved off his epic beard for charity, research on empathetic yawning, and a teenager-inspired Valentine’s Day surprise for an older lady who’s young at heart. Come and be inspired!

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Have you picked up the May issue of Zoomer magazine yet? In my new regular column, “Why I Live Here,” you can explore the city of Guelph through the eyes of Guinness record-breaking weightlifter Walter Urban. He may be strong, but he has a soft spot for this community, and he’ll tell you why.

I’m also pleased to announce that my 50 Good Deeds blog has been nominated in two categories for a Ninjamatics’ 2012 Canadian Weblog Award. Winners won’t be announced until next January, but it’s always a delight to know people are reading… and enjoying!

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Who can’t benefit from a bit more fun? My new online article, “5 Ways to Have More Fun in Your Everyday Life,” will put you on the road to feeling groovy in everything you do. Joy and laughter make us more productive in our jobs, more successful in our relationships, and more accepting of ourselves. Want big fun in your day-to-day life? Read the story on Best Health’s website.

Also online is my story on snoring spouses for Healthzone.ca. If your partner’s Zzz’s are driving you up the wall and out of a deep sleep, be sure to read this article for crucial information and tips. There may be hope on the horizon!

In other news, my award-winning blog on acts of kindness, www.50gooddeeds.com, now has its own Facebook fan page. Visit it here. And if it makes you smile, be sure to click “Like” to join the 50 Good Deeds community!

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I’ve started work on a new series of diabetes stories on Best Health’s website. Check them out as they get posted over the next few weeks. If you have an interest in science (or a new diagnosis of diabetes), then this first article, all about how a blood glucose meter actually works, will certainly grab you.

This week I’ve also enjoyed my stint as a guest blogger on fellow writer Lisa Tabachnick Hotta’s Kids and Mental Health blog. Click here to find out how I link good deeds with mental health!

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Who says arithmetic can’t be a thrill? My education story, “Sum Fun,” appears in the new March issue of Today’s Parent magazine. The article offers plenty of ways you can make math fun for your small-sized students.

In other news, my 50 Good Deeds blog has been selected as a finalist in the national 2011 Best Health Blog Awards. It’s one of five blog finalists in the “Embrace Life” category. So now’s the voting period: Fans can vote up to once a day until March 21. (You don’t have to register to vote – only submit your name and e-mail address – and you could win a magazine subscription!) To find out more, you can click here for the Best Health voting page.

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A Blurb About My Blog

Thanks to some terrific publicity (Reader’s Digest, CTV and CBC Radio), the number of visits to my 50 Good Deeds blog hit its highest level in the month of December. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first five months as author of this lighthearted blog about acts of kindness. Most gratifying have been the comments and feedback… so keep ’em coming! In 2011, I plan to continue blogging roughly twice a week about real-life good deeds, news, research and inspiration.

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